Fused Creative is a space for expression, unity, and artistic progression.


Step 1: Integrate //

Actors, musicians, photographers, playwrights, clowns, poets, painters, cartoonists, dancers, filmmakers...the list goes on. This is a space for creators of any and all kinds to come together; this is a community, a second home, a safe space - a place to build and expand upon your craft or even learn new ones. This is a space for vulnerability and support, and everyone is welcome. 

Step 2: Create //

Together we come up with a theme: it could be based on a current movement, inspired by a substantial life event, a word that we want to explore, anything. We will work together in the space to devise a production based around that theme. Artists will collaborate to create a unique approach to that theme in any way that inspires them; Perhaps a guitarist plays as a videographer streams a live video of an interpretive dance, or a slam poet spills their heart out as a photographer displays images behind them - the opportunities are limitless and there are no bad ideas. 

Step 3: Elevate //

We team up with local businesses and organizations to display our production to the city. One performance may be in an empty warehouse or busy bar, perhaps in a large theater, or even in a park. It will constantly change to attract varying demographics, this way everyone can have a chance to experience us. We raise the bar for collaborative and experimental art. We break boundaries. We elevate each other and our audience to reach new heights!


“Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics.”

victor pinchuk


We know firsthand how hard it can be to find a space not only to create art, but also to share that art.  We developed Fused Creative with the hopes that it could become a home for Portland artists to create, explore, and strengthen their craft. Why can’t a poet and a dancer produce something together? Why can’t a bunch of artists from all different backgrounds and mediums come together and inspire each other? The answer is that we can. The simple truth is that when people have the opportunity to create something together, the result can be truly beautiful.

We then want to take what we create and share it; our goal is to produce a quarterly showcase in which there will be a theme we choose together and base our work off of. We hope to encourage, critique, and build a cohesive production that we can be proud to present to Portland.


Ready to jump in?